Adaptive learning portfolio for math & science

A customizable learning platform to help you deliver personalized practice, assessment and exam preparation products.

Line-by-line analysis of student responses with immediate targeted feedback.

Adaptive sequencing of exercises to promote the most efficient route to mastery.

Learning analytics with an array of dashboards to help teachers better understand their students.

Allow us to help you accelerate your digital personalization roadmap.

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How we can help

SOWISO partners with educational publishers to create personalized e-learning portfolios. Our technology is extra strong with math & science education, but is perfectly suitable for the arts as well.

The SOWISO platform is a great tool to easily create digital, interactive content for math courses, or other STEM-related courses, in secundary education. Our software is often used to create truly personalized learning experiences that fit the needs and learning styles of today's teachers and students.

Apart from our interactive and adaptive platform, we offer publishers the following:

  • User-friendly authoring tools help you save time and money by creating, managing and publishing your own interactive learning and assessment content.

  • Tags and metadata which fits your labelling style. You can use these labels to group exercises to specific uses.

  • Multilingual publishing from a single source.

  • The ability to export your content to pdf, docx and LaTeX for offline use.

and more.

Platform Features

Personalized learning

Students are both challenged and supported when and where they need it. They get a true adaptive and personalized learning experience, even in large heterogeneous groups.

Personalized learning


Adaptivity's role is improving how every learner experiences the course. The platform adapts the learning path of each individual student depending on their knowledge level.






Learning analytics

Our progress reports give detailed insight in student and class performance. Report breakdowns are available on progress, skill or activity.

Learning analytics

Automated testing

An embedded testing module creates different types of randomized tests. The system automatically checks and grades the tests. The teacher can act as a second corrector.

Automated testing






Achievement badges can be earned for important learning and social tasks. These give students a sense of their learning progress, and motivate them to unlock more challenging badges.



The Digital Math Courses are competitively priced, at a fraction of the regular textbook price.




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