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Platform Features

Personalized learning

Students are guided through their homework by the learning environment, receiving helpful feedback on all their answer attempts. This allows you to focus on designing excellent classroom sessions.

Personalized learning


Adaptivity adapts the learning path of each individual student depending on their knowledge level. This personalized approach creates a deeper rapport between students and classroom material.


Learning analytics

Our progress reports give detailed insight in student and class performance, allowing you to know how effective your instructional methods were before moving on and what to focus on next.

Learning analytics

Automated testing

SOWISO automatically checks and grades diagnostic, formative and summative randomized tests. This is frees teachers to focus their energies on understanding and using assessment results to maximise the effectiveness of their teaching.

Automated testing






No two educators teach in the same way, so you remain in control of the content. Choose the material that is relevant to your classes, re-order it, create your own tests, hide certain parts, adjust the SOWISO courses or write your own material.



The Digital Math Courses are competitively priced, at a fraction of the regular textbook price.




Plug-and-play learning material

SOWISO digital Basic Math course

Algebra, precalculus & calculus

SOWISO digital Calculus course

Rigorous calculus course

SOWISO digital Differential Equations course

For all levels of higher education

SOWISO digital Linear Algebra course

For all levels of higher education

SOWISO digital Financial Arithmetic course

Mathematics for finance & accountancy programs

SOWISO digital Calculus for the Social Sciences course

Perfect for economics programs

SOWISO digital Statistics course

For all levels of higher education


Our learning environment supports the different learning needs within a class. We do this through e.g. personalized feedback, adaptive learning paths, individualized assessment and multilanguage learning. Educators have control over the learning materials - they can even create or add their own - to truly support differentiated instruction.

Yes, it is! For fully personalized content, teachers can create their own material, or edit or expand on our turn-key courses. With our user-friendly authoring environment, it is possible to create theory pages, exercises, tests, or complete courses! The platform supports several input methods, among which LaTex is the most used.

How does adaptivity personalize the learning experience?

The primary focus of adaptivity is improving how every learner experiences the flow of exercises. The platform adapts the learning path of each individual student according to their needs. It does so by constantly analyzing the student's level of comprehension, and providing easier or harder exercises accordingly. Diagnostic tests at the start of each chapter provide an insight into which topics are mastered and which still need attention. Educators can disable adaptivity if they prefer a fixed sequence of exercises, for example within self-authored courses.

How does gamification engage learners?

Our gamification elements allow students to unlock achievement badges every time they complete a challenge. For example, "solve 20 questions with one mistake or less," or "solve 5 questions in under 150 seconds." Some challenges are hidden until completion, and some can be earned by engaging in peer-to-peer learning. Earning badges gives students a sense of achievement and motivates them to go the extra mile. The gamification features are optional.

How do SOWISO solutions offer more than MOOCs?

Where a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a completely online experience; our learning environment is typically used in blended learning. Furthermore, MOOCs are very much a one-way system: there is no or limited personal interaction between the learner and the educator. The unique strength of our solution lies in the personalized elements, like exercises with tailored feedback, and adaptive learning paths. This personalized approach is something a traditional MOOC will never offer, especially with large groups.

How will this platform save teachers time?

We know correcting and grading takes a lot of time. That’s why our software helps educators by doing it for them! The software grades all types of mathematical questions, on a non-binary scale: partially correct answers are graded partially correct. This way, our learning platform allows teachers to concentrate on the creative part of teaching.

Does SOWISO offer solutions to all levels of education?

Yes! Although our own turn-key courses are designed for higher education, we also partner with publishers who use our technology to digitize their own math content for secondary education text- and exercise books. Read more about it on our publishers page. Furthermore, our courses can be used in advanced classes in secondary education too.

Is it possible to export and/or print out (parts of) the courses?

Yes, it is! With a simple click you will get an instance of each chapter, theory page, exercise, or test. Exporting your content to pdf, docx, and LaTeX formats for offline use is easy and fast.

What kind of devices are supported?

Everything is stored ‘in the cloud’, ready to use. This means you only need a computer or tablet with an internet connection to use the platform. Everything is HTML5 so it works on any device or screen size.

How are content and technology connected?

Content cannot be seen separately from technology anymore in the current learning age. Our solution offers the best of both worlds. Our courses, written by professional authors, make optimal use of the interactive, personalized and adaptive functionalities of our platform.

How many exercise types are supported?

Our platform offers as many as 24 exercise types! Apart from multiple choice, geometrical input (e.g. lines, vectors, parabolas), drag-and-drop, and essay type exercises, we provide so-called open answers exercises (calculations or mathematical expressions), and even fun crossword puzzles! You can see them all in our demos.

Does this learning platform support tests as well?

Yes, it does! For every chapter in our SOWISO courses there are formative, summative, and diagnostics tests. All chapters also contain a large number of random practice exercises, which can be made over and over again. Moreover, educators can choose to design their own tests with our easy-to-use authoring environment.

In what languages are the platform and the courses available?

Our platform is already available in English, Dutch, and Norwegian, and the SOWISO courses are available both in English and Dutch. We do offer localization services to those intending to use our products. Please feel free to contact us with your language-related questions:

+31 20 752 0000
How much does the SOWISO solution cost?

A platform license is only €5.50 per account per year. The price for our courses start at €7.50 per user per year; a fraction of the price of regular textbooks!

Does SOWISO offer live demos?

Yes, we do. Apart from the short demos available on this website, we would like to present our solution in person. If you have any other questions, or need an extensive live demo at your university or publishing company, please drop us a line. We would love to drop by and show you all of the possibilities!

+31 20 752 0000
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